Meet the WILD Speakers + Leaders

What is an incredible business retreat without spectacular speakers + leaders? Well, it’s just a trip to the woods, right? That’s why WILD has booked an amazing group of women to share their expertise with you. 

Unlike other retreats where leaders are quickly escorted off stage and into a VIP area, WILD offers you the chance to actually hang out with our speakers + leaders. 


And who are those speakers + leaders? 


Jessica Stansberry

Jessica Stansberry is an online influencer who empowers women to live a life on purpose and by their own design through tools, tips, and tricks to help them love their homes, stop making excuses, and even work from home doing things they love. She throws down booty-kicking advice on her weekly podcast, Grit, on her YouTube channel, and blog and shows up every day on Instagram to make sure these women feel like they’re not alone.

Jessica Stansberry keynote speaker for WILD


Amma Marfo

Amma Marfo is a thoughtful yet incurably silly independent higher education professional, writer, and editor based in Boston, MA. She is a dynamic and sought-after speaker on topics such as leadership, group dynamics, creativity, and incorporating your values into your work and larger goals. She speaks on college and university campuses across the country, and has partnered with organizations like HubSpot, Wayfair, and General Assembly. Her other interests include live comedy, surfing, trivia, and gluten-free cooking/baking. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @ammamarfo.

Amma Marfo keynote speaker WILD retreat



Alesia Galati WILD Leader

Alesia Galati

Alesia Galati is an eCommerce Business Strategist and podcast host of The Honest Product Bench. She helps physical product sellers increase their revenue, improve profit margins, and bring home more cash while creating a business they feel empowered to run. When Alesia‘s not going on an outdoor adventure with her two sons and husband, you can find her at home crafting, reading, or listening to a true-crime podcast. She loves all things pasta and wine.



Jillian O'Keefe WILD Leader

Jillian O’Keefe

Jillian O’Keefe is an Instagram strategist and social media manager who helps female entrepreneurs gain visibility by embracing and showcasing their unique story to grow their tribe on Instagram. As a champion of the #bodypositivity movement, Jillian understands the power of authenticity and how it helps women stand out by presenting an alternative to the picture-perfect, impossible standards of Instagram-shiny posts. She encourages female entrepreneurs to share their true voice and passions to build their business and attract dream clients that engage with and care about their content. Jillian lives in Buffalo, NY, with her husband and two kiddos.


Tatiana Muse WILD Leader

Tatiana Muse

Tatiana Muse is a Graphic Designer, owner of The Stationery Muse and the face behind the Live Love Inspire box. She empowers women that they can do anything they set their minds to through her love of paper goods and organization. When not working on her business, Tatiana loves to spend time with her husband and daughter, while bingeing YouTube videos. She enjoys singing and eating all things sweet.

Sarah Prasser WILD Leader

Sarah Prasser

Sarah is a true midwestern gal and part-time hippie, with a passion for travel and culture. Coffee runs through her veins and she’s never happier than when she’s playing hostess for sensational people. Her empathy is almost magic and helps her create meaningful connections with others. Sarah’s career has been rooted in hospitality and in the service of others. She now helps visionary entrepreneurs build the strategy behind their dreams to lay a solid foundation for their future!



Justine Wiggins WILD Leader

Justine Wiggins

Justine Wiggins is the owner of worthy + badass, for now it’s just a side hustle but one day it will be the community she’s dreamed up for the last several years. When she’s not working at her full time job where she gets to create memorable experiences for employees, Justine is either stamping metal, designing new products, or jetting off on cheap flights with her husband. She serves in the Army Reserve as a military police officer and has been known to claim she’d eat mushrooms with any meal.


Haley Bunting WILD Leader

Haley Bunting

Haley has always been an artist – whether she is painting in the abstract, photographing the world through a lens, or working on miscellaneous passion projects, she is never short of vision. This type of vision is expressed throughout the full Thirteen West brand. Her heart is always on the search for how she can make life a bit more of a unique experience for others. As this brand grows, Haley hopes to help support young women in business through continued collaborations with makers of all kinds from around the world and locally with the small businesses in her community. Haley recently relocated Thirteen West to Carrboro, North Carolina.



Jennae Cecelia WILD Breakout Speaker

Jennae Cecelia

Jennae Cecelia is a best-selling author of seven inspirational poetry books and is best known for her book, Uncaged Wallflower. Along with writing, she is a speaker who digs into topics like self-love, self-care, mental health, and body positivity. Jennae also hosts workshops and educates other individuals on how to self-publish their own work. Her mission is to encourage people to reach their full potential and live a life filled with positivity and love.

Amber Bounds WILD Workshop Host

Amber Bounds

Amber Bounds is a Fiber Artist & Art Instructor in Charlotte, N.C. She studied Art, Art History & Art Education during her Undergrad & Grad studies, so it’s safe to say she is really, really devoted to all things art-related. Just as much as she loves creating, she also enjoys teaching others how to make lots of fiber art goodness (i.e. macrame, weaving, arm knitting, hand knitting and more!). She genuinely believes creating is good for the soul and you don’t have to be an artist to make something cool. When not running her business, she’s usually chasing after her adventurous toddler or wondering when that laundry pile will ever get smaller (Spoiler alert: The pile is not decreasing, but she remains optimistic!).



The WILD speakers + leaders can’t wait to welcome you to Black Mountain! 

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