WILD isn’t like other retreats. 


When it comes to business events, you have so many to choose from. But WILD isn’t like anything you’ve seen before. 


What makes WILD different?


WILD offers you actual interaction with our speakers + leaders

There’s no VIP area. No secret speaker cocktail hour. No velvet ropes. Our speakers + leaders are an integral part of the retreat! After all, they’re people just like you. And you get the chance to spend real time with them, learning from them outside the official lesson times, too.  


WILD is limited to 35 attendees

This isn’t going to be a giant event where you can hide in the crowd (take a breath introverts, it’s ok!). No, WILD is a cozy event of 35 attendees so we can all get to know each other, spend time together, and leave feeling a real community. 


WILD is all about community 

Speaking of community, we’re going to be building that by staying together in one lodge. Some beds are bunked and some aren’t, but rest assured, you’ll have your own bed. If you ever attended summer camp, it’s kind of like that. Except there won’t be the cool cabin — we’re all cool 😎 


WILD includes ALL your costs

There are no hidden fees at WILD. The investment includes everything except your transportation to and from WILD. Once you’re on property, all food, lodging, and fun activities are included! 


WILD is affordable

Most all-inclusive retreats or events come with a hefty price tag. But WILD was created with budget in mind and is one of the most affordable retreats available in 2020. 


WILD is a true retreat 

Some “retreats” have you running around nonstop for days, and you feel like you need a break after! WILD is different — you get to actually rest. We built in dedicated rest times every day, so you don’t have to duck out of a breakout session to relax. 


WILD doesn’t buy into FOMO 

We don’t want you to fear missing out on anything. There’s no choosing between a dozen topics or speakers. While we do offer breakout sessions to choose from, there are only 3 options and some will repeat, so you aren’t going to miss out! 


WILD is dedicated to inclusivity and diversity

We’re tired of seeing the same cookie-cutter people at events. And of seeing people excluded from the narrative. That’s why we’re focused on being a welcoming retreat for any person who identifies as a woman, for POC, and for anyone who feels like they may not belong at other events. 


WILD speakers + leaders are relatable 

All our speakers + leaders are down-to-earth and actually relatable. They have families, mortgages, and yes, problems, too. They’ve been where you are (and maybe not that long ago!) and they’re realistic examples to follow. 


WILD is founded by someone with event experience

Many events are created by people who are doing this for the first time…so the first event can be a little rocky. But I (Nicole) have experience event planning. I’ve planned and coordinated countless events since 2005, so you’re in good hands!


WILD is more than business

Yes, we’ll totally be talking business. But we’ll also be doing crafts (weaving, hand stamped jewelry, hand lettering or art journaling) during breakout sessions and during our craft and snack times in the evening. AND we’ll also be doing a sunset hike! It’s going to be beautiful.


Any more questions? 

If you still have questions, you can ask them here


WILD is waiting for you. 

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Raquell BartonRAQUELL BARTON – Skyrocket Virtual Solutions

I can’t wait to attend WILD! It will be the first women’s retreat/conference I’ve attended since I started my business in December 2019. I am so looking forward to the camaraderie and fellowship I know I’m going to enjoy with other like-minded women. I’m ready to network AND learn! There is going to be so much experience in the room and I can’t wait for it. Plus – I’ll get to meet so many women I’ve talked to online. It’ll be great to do that in person. I’m ready to be WILD woman!


Dana GrayDANA GRAY – Dana Gray Studio

I’m looking forward to meeting and connecting with new creative minds. It’s amazing how much you can learn from other people (and ABOUT other people!) when you just take a minute to listen. This is my first business retreat ever, so I’m interested to see what I will be able to bring home with me to implement in my own business. Also, having such an intimate setting and group will be super beneficial for me!